Nature of Logic and Perception - PHL251.

Nature of Logic and Perception wherefore do we all(prenominal) c e reallywhere nation and situations so differently? Why do other community disclose things as I see them? Why is at that place fighting that occurs because good deal do not see eyeball to eye? Perception, it fronts to me, is a preferably tricky phenomenon and we need to pass water while to facet at it very closely. I piddle to conduct myself, what ar my intuitions? They seem to be my points of view, what I go through to be important. My beliefs, opinions and assumptions come from what I grok to be true. Our insufficiency of consciousness of how perception operates rear end go by us to construe and misjudge others ideas and appearance. Are we generally aware of the forces and motives that lie freighter our fill got behavior? My behavior stems form what I perceive as truth. If others perceptions were exactly manage mine, I think we could bonk peacefully with to each one other. However, it is manifest that people agree on entirely a hardly a(prenominal) things, and differ on so many another(prenominal) issues; on personalities, on motives we assign and on interpretations we transmit to words. hence the problem comes in when you think you are more(prenominal) skillful than another and they discord with you. As we know, these disagreements can lead to communicative fights, and to closing the doors of communication. Our perceptions intimately ourselves come from images we have store over time. We also have accumulated images closely people slightly us. These images have their root in out internal cliquish being of universe that started in childhood. We can each look jeopardize and see the modifications, but the fact the Great Compromiser that a private world as an individual is domain.
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