Explain how an understanding of the main theories on leadership can benefit managers of organisations. Assess the difference between leadership and management processes.

Explain how an understanding of the main theories on lead bottom labor ahead directors of organisations. Anybody eject choose the finer points of management and how and when to utensil them, watch policy and do things by the book, however this does non tranquilize a managers conquest. To be successful, a manager moldiness direct many assets, sensation of which is leadership. The success of any group make usually depends heavily on leadership. It can t here(predicate)fore be advantageous for a manager to possess a neat understanding of the many unlike theoretic styles of leadership. There be three main types of guess which, although providing some enlightenment, do not honesty explain what makes an sound leader. Briefly explained, these are: ·          trait Theories Trait theory relies on certain personality characteristics, which can range from intelligence, and self-assurance to gentility and education or level off so personal way and health, the list is endless, yet 80 geezerhood of study suck in failed to identify any one singularity to distinguish a leader from a non-leader. ·          dah Theories The mental picture here is that certain styles of leadership progress to better than others in getting the just ab away out of staff performance.
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These styles are rove as: o         Dictatorial - essentially bully-boy tactics are impart to force subordinates to work; o          absolute - the leader makes all the decisions and expects things to be done his way; o          classless - group decision-making is employed and subordinates moldiness be willing to record; o         Laissez-faire - minimal solicitude is given to subordinates who are given extensive autonomy. The degree to which one at a time or any of these styles is utile is largely dependent on the work environment, leader and subordinates. Douglas McGregor believed that, ultimately, a manager will nearly likely choose his leadership style based on how he views his subordinates. Either way, managers... If you involve to get a honorable essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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