The Biochemistry of Snake Venom.


Snake bitchiness is the poison fluid normally secreted by condemnable snakes when biting. It is produced in the glands, and injected by the fangs. Snake nastiness is used to obstruct and/or kill prey, and used secondarily in defence. It is a clear, viscous fluid of amber or straw colour.

There ar two main types of venom produced by snakes, containing primarily each:

*Neurotoxins - these attack the nervous system.

*Hemotoxins - these attack the circulatory system.

While most snakes venom contains primarily either one or the other, there be some snakes which have a combination of both in their venom.

The snakes poison is a combination of biologically active agents: ferments or enzymes as proteases and hyaluronidase (including 20 digestive enzymes), metal ions, biogenic amines, lipids, free amino acids, and more than 80 large and weakened proteins and polypeptides that have only been partially identified. While it is a composite recipe, snake venom is made up of mainly proteins and enzymes. The special constituents of snake venom are as follow:

*Enzymes - prod physiologically disruptive or destructive processes.

*Proteolysins - Dissolve cells and wander at the bite site, make local pain and swelling.

*Cardiotoxins - inconstant effects, some depolarise cardiac muscles and alter heart contraction, causing heart failure.

*Harmorrhagins - degrade capillary walls, causing haemorrhages near and contrary from the bite.

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*Coagulation - Retarding compounds prevent blood clotting.

*Thromboses - Coagulate blood and foster clot formation throughout the circulatory system.

*Haemolysis - Destroy red blood cells.

*Cytolysins - Destroy white blood cells.

*Neurotoxins - evade the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles, especially those associated with the diaphragm and breathing.

Every snake has a different amount of the aforementioned agents its venom, hence the differing levels of toxicity.

Throughout this report, the examination of the venom of only the...

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