Experienceing The Hindu Religion

Ive heard a lot of things nearly the Hindu religion, but never had the pleasure of experiencing what the religion is all about until now. I visited the temple during the time of Navratri; this word means golf-club nights. It is when the followers of Hinduism worship nine forms of Shakti. This word means top executive in the Hindu language. If you havent heard already, there be many divinitys that are worshiped in the Hindu religion. Thousands to be more precise. As I straitsed into the temple, I noticed that they follow a ritual very similar to my Islamic religion. altogether people must remove their shoes before ingress the building.
The setting of this temple is almost like any otherwise place of worship, but with the influence of the Indian culture. As you walk into the temple, they have the elderly sit down on chairs and the able-bodied sitting on the carpeted floor with their legs folded. The Pundit is up on stage on, what seems to be a rostrum, and he is giving his chide just as a priest would be doing on Sunday Mass. There are drums, which are called tablas, and other operators with the instrument players sitting all the way in front to the align of the pulpit. This may seem strange, but there are both people dressed up in very construe outfits who look like they are about to be married. My interrogateee, Mr. Parvesh Deonarinesingh is a very affluent follower and member of his temple.

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He explained to me that they are sitting on stage because they are the ones who sponsored the food for the night, so they get to sit near the pulpit and assist the Pundit with some religious duties.
Furthermore, in my interview with Mr. Deonarinesingh, I discovered that

although his religion worships many Gods, they still think that there is one almighty God. They just believe that God can be in any form possible. He also explained that God
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