Explanatory Essay

Explanatory Essay
Since the beginning of postmodernistism, belles-lettres has become a great tool to intake. Especi eachy when it is used to take over an historic event, such as the Holocaust. In this essay, I will look for how my narrative is an appropriation of the Holocaust, as well as the postmodern features, trends and strategies used to appropriate the event.
The narrative I have cool is an appropriation of the Holocaust due to its extensive and elaborate use of postmodern features. Postmodernism follows a likening of aleatory writing: those which represent an element of randomness or chance; left to chance, obscure style or uncertain outcome. This is evident in the rootage section of my narrative, in which the girl, named Amosa Azaziah, turns into a body of light which saves all the Jewish people of Warsaw. Therefore, the miraculous transfiguration of the girl is an caseful of an element of randomness and chance, which is a postmodern feature.
An another(prenominal) yard why my narrative is an appropriation of the Holocaust is the use of postmodern trends and strategies, including religious beliefs, background of characters and nature of the self. These three aspects of postmodern literature are very suitable for narratives because they centre on the characters and their aspects.

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Amosa Azaziah is a Jewish girl who is given an alter ego of “at once’s Messiah” by the Jewish people. On the other hand, Lukas Müller, who was born a German, converted to the Jewish corporate trust after being imprisoned with them for defending an innocent Jew. He is given the alter ego of “The Jewish capital of Minnesota” because Saul was a Christian persecutor who converted to Christianity after god appeared to him. These aspects reinforce the idea that the narrative has used postmodern trends and strategies to appropriate the Holocaust.
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