Eunuchs An Overview

Gender is an anchor and once people decide what you be they interpret everything you do in the light of that (Kessler and Mc Kenaa 1978). While, energise is the biological component, gender is the psychological and social component. However, there atomic number 18 certain conditions in which the biological aspects argon in contradiction in terms with the social and psychological aspects of gender. These at times take precedency over biology in determining gender identity influencing gender role (Kessler and Mc Kenaa 1978). Anybody who deviates from the normative beliefs about land up and gender are considered to be degenerate (Sharma 2000; Winter 2002). A person then who is labeled as a deviant starts finding outlets in order to express this deviant behavior, passion or impulse as society, friends family and so on crusade to end it. This, in turn leads to the formation of small-organized groups where they are genuine and an appreciation for their deviant behaviors and identities is found. Such groups exist all over the world in different titles. (Conway 2002; Winter 2002; Kessler and Mc Kenaa 1978). In slightly cultures they are considered as neither men nor women and not necessarily be considered as deviant as they employ a respected position (Herdt; Nanda; Williams, as cited in Bartlett, Varsey and Bukowski 2000).

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Where as in some cultures believe they are blessed with some divine power (Winter2002).
The word HIJRA is an Urdu word which means castrate or hermaphrodite. Hijras also consist of women who are unable to menstruate and lead the normal life, which basically means getting conjoin and producing children. A great number of hijras are however, men who detect themselves as more feminine than masculine, more so because theyre sexual desire is for men and not women.
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