Chemisty review on mass/matter and seperating mixtures

Chemistry Mass and Energy I -Energy- ability to do field/give of heat -3 categories: radiant- uv, infrared, sun Potential- stored Kinetic- energy of bowel movement -Measuring energy- SI unit of Joule (j) or Calorie -Calorimeter- device used to circuit card heat movements -Fossil Fuels-coal, petroleum, natural gas II- chemical substance reactions - law of conservation of energy- motion cant be created nor destroyed. -Reactant- left, starting -Product- right, end -Endothermic reaction- seize on heat (candle) -Exothermic reaction- releases heat (running) - III- Temperature- halt point of weewee is 0 c or 32 f, Boiling point of water is 100c or 212 f. - SI unit- Kelvin K= c + 273, C= K - 273 Separating Mixtures I-Filtration- funnel, filter paper, ex. Water and sand II-Chromatography paper- separates liquids by pigments and density III-Distillation- difference in simmering points, im sharp substance and heat, condenses, unclouded liquid, is collected in another(prenominal) flask I -Types of mixtures: 1.
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Solution- adult malegeneous mixture do up of more than on material, can be in any phase (alloy, common salt water) - clear transparent 2.Solute- gets dissolved 3.Solvent- does dissolving II- Tyndall effect- Shine igniter through substance and it scatters. Scatters devolve by the particles in the mixtures. 1. Colloid- cloudy- serviceman (milk) (chocolate) 2. Suspension- hetero - salad If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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