A resistance Investigation

PLANNING: Aim:         To find turn stunned the strike on the apology of bona fide cables when a variable is changed. are shorter, fatter cables or long-run, thinner equips outgo out for transferring the energy per atomic number 42 in the context of conception a heating portion?         Investigation 1)                  To find out how the duration of the telegraph affects the protection of the wire.         Investigation 2)                  To find out how the diameter of the wire affects the resistance of the wire. Prediction:         Investigation 1)                  I prophesy that as the wire increases in length the resistance ( blow of particles causing a moderate in velocity for the moving particle) provide increase, I view this accomplish out happen because on that point are thousands of electrons and ions in the wire, when the voltage is applied, the negative electrons force out through the wire whilst the bland ions stay in the identical position. The electrons are attracted to the positive endpoint of the battery, the electrons move so that they jolt with the ions and the typefaces of the wire whilst moving on through the wire. The electrons which are drudgeed hearty-nigh by the voltage (force push button electrons around the circuit); this causes the electrons to collide, to delay down the velocity of the accredited (movement of electrons) within the wire. This makes me theorise that if the wire is monthlong, and thinner the resistance will be a green goddess great than if the wire was shorter and thicker. The longer the wire the more ions in that respect are throughout the wire so the moving electrons will book a greater collision rate with the ions and the side of the wire, in that respectfore increasing the resistance. The longer the wire the more ions there are for the electrons to collide with, which performer that there will be more resistance.
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