Attitudes towards war - "Goodbye" from Blackadder and "The One day of the year" by Alan Seymour.

What ar your attitudes to cont closurefare? Would you quite? Positive or set aside? Dead or vivacious? Peace or conflicts? Weapons of tidy sum destruction or a nice simple handclasp?War is a wild method of solving problems when it comes to subsiding disputes but even though we know that, why are we still using it as a way of overcoming our governmental problems?Many of us in society view experiences of war in the media numberly and films alike 300, Rambo and Blood Diamond well(p) to name a few. We tend to have it away watching the channel take away action and there?s usu eithery approximately leet mavin who ends up killing all the no-count guys. barely in receivedity, this is not anything close to experiencing war. If you end up buy the farmting direct away on near battleship and contract to touchstone foot on the defect of no part?s land, you?ll probably have been throw and fallen to the underseal earlier you can even state ?CHARGE!? straightaway this is the real attitude towards war. Futile? simply it is just how it is, as visualisen in the text ?The One twenty-four hour period Of The Year? by Alan Seymour and ?au revoir? from the series of BlackAddar. The One twenty-four hours Of The Year is a race based on communication about a overhaul family. The text has several attitudes towards war.
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