Finding Gold at the End of the Rainbow:Irish Immigration to America during the Potato Famine in 1845

Finding Gold at the End of the Rainbow:

Irish Immigration to America during the tater Famine in 1845

History 111

November 15, 2010

During the Potato Famine in 1845, the Irish immigrated into the fall in States with the anticipation of finding a better life. The Irish immigrants, trying to escape the heavy(p)ships the famine brought, only faced more(prenominal)(prenominal) obstacles to overcome once arriving in America. The Irish-Americans were forced into a hard lifestyle with backbreaking jobs while being hated by other Americans for their religion. However, because of the one and a half million emigrants from Ireland to the United States by 1861, the United States has grown to become a more diverse and accepting country.

According to Daniel Webster Holliss book, The History of Ireland, the tater famine has caused one-million deaths in Ireland by 1861. The potato clip in Ireland suffered a fungal disease which was imported from Peru to Europe. As the crop became infected, the seed available for the next harvest also reduced. In Ireland, one-third of the population relied entirely on the potato crop, resulting in a small percentage of skilled workers.

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The potato was favor in Ireland because of the acidic soil and damp temperate clime which prevailed over the land. The result to this devastating catastrophe was immigration to America. 1

The immigrants traveling to America were forced to travel in ships known as coffin ships because of the terrible conditions that existed. People were crammed and nevertheless given enough food to survive. Sanitation was limited, and disease bed cover like wildfire. The two major ports in America for these ships of immigrants were crude York and New Orleans. Arriving in New York was a staggering number of 300 immigrants disembarking daily, every day for six


1 Daniel Webster Hollis III, The...

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