Civil War

At the end of the accomplishedized War, it was expected that the newly freed blacks would have enough rights; however, we know from history that, both then and now, blacks have non received the same treatment as whites. Before the well-mannered War occurred slavery was in use, which treated barrens as though they were property rather than human beings. Even aft(prenominal) the cultured War Black codes and Jim Crowism were instituted which still denied Blacks of their genteel rights. Although it appears as though the violation of Blacks civil rights happened years ago, it still happens to this day.

        Prior to the civil war slavery was found everywhere in the south. Black manoeuvreed on the groves to help grow, cultivate, and collect the crops. They were used because the whites didnt urgency to wreak their hands dirty. To the plantation owners blacks werent people, they were property, and therefore had no rights. They practiceed on the plantation everyday for long periods of hours under cruel treatment. Who prosper from the work of the blacks? The plantation owners. All the blacks received in return for their work was their opportunity to perhaps live another day. Therefore, blacks had no civil rights, and were nowhere near receiving equal treatment with the whites.

        After the Civil War the rights of the blacks were acknowledged.

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People were aware that the civil rights of blacks had been opressed for years. The qhole nation had unspoilt faught a civil war for the moral cause to overthrow slavery. However, some people were still not ready to call for the rights of blacks. Black codes were created to restrict the freedom of Blacks. Later on, Jim Crowism aroused, and segregation became an issue. Although after the civil war things began to look up for the black race, conditions were...

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