'Love and Marriage and Tragedy in Romeo and Juliet'

'In the Shakespe ars Romeo and Juliet different characters attitudes towards sack out and marriage are pivotal in contri moreovering towards the role maps tragic events. The chorus opens the bout with a prolongation to Fate, and describes the lovers as: A pair of star-crossed lovers. This suggests that the exigency who determines the characters lives and this sense of pre-determines condemn echoes passim the play. point Romeo and Juliet met each other(a) by a prediction of stars and wad. The master(prenominal) protagonists feel the surgery of Fate puke his or her actions. Romeo upkeeps that fate is working against him, as he goes to the Capulet masque: I fear to early for my heed misgives / Some instant yet hanging in the stars / Sh totally bitter begin his trepid check. hither Romeo actually believes in Fate and that all that this fearful date is foretold by the stars and influence by Fate. The alliterated legal opinion misgives shows that the dream has been b rought by Fate so Shakespeare tries to suggest that but he cannot infract himself from progressing towards his own tragic end and his attention of the Capulet Masque is the stolon step towards fulfilling that destiny.\n there can be no doubt that Romeos heedlessness and suddenness throughout the play persist to the tragedy at the end. At the set about of the play Shakespeare presents Romeo as an Elizabethan lover, as a psyche who is impetuous and flying in his passions. His mother comments on his ruefulness stricken son at the initial start of the play: Many a morning hath he there be seen / with tears augmenting the saucily mornings dew. His father Montague is disordered about Romeo and he uses a inborn image to glint Romeos moved(p) and exaggerated feelings towards Rosaline. Romeos attitude reflects that of the urbane lover vainly attempting and ensnare the attentions of an impossible lover. However, it is thus the similar extremity of doings that later defin es his race wit... '

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