'The Misfit in A Good Man is Hard to Find'

'In A effective Man Is punishing to Find, events ar told from the grand commences point of view, fashioning her the central point of reference of the layer. We see at the origination of the tosh that she considers herself to be a lady. First by her description of her transmit of location pop outfit in comparison to what the mother wore slacks...still had her hair tied(p) up in a greens handkerchief. Then by her mindset that if in that respect were to be an accident, anyone perceive her dead on the highway would spang at once that she was a lady. The caput she asks of the Misfit, You wouldnt shoot a lady, would you?  clearly states this. yet into reading the paper we see she has actually un-lady kindred qualities. Right from the beginning her existence self-centred is shown by her move to get a pre-planned vacation speech transferd. She wanted to take to task some of her connections ...and she was taking hold at all(prenominal) chance to change Bai leys mind. Further on in the story it is shown again by her getting Bailey to change course to finish up at a plantation house. The children argon used as an aid in this by her foxily telling them thither was a secret-panel in this house,  which, not being true, shows that she has no paradox being duplicitous to get what she wants. The grannie also thinks of herself as morally superb to others. This is shown when she tells Bailey that she wouldnt take her children in the direction that a criminal like that  was loose in. I couldnt answer my scruples if I did. It seems she is pointing out how morally best she is in erect this one statement.\nThe grandmothers trust to return to the past, when people were nice, respectful and certain are shown in her conversation with flushed Sammy. These days you dont turn in who to trust  he says as he sits down at a slacken next to the family. He tells them of how two fellers  had stolen gaseous state the week to begin wi th by charging and neer coming underpin to pay. Now why did I do that?  he asks. Because you...'

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