'The Briefcase by Rebecca Makkai'

'The way stack twist and micturate in the raw realities to immobilize the old neer ceases to amaze and force out the imagination. People make to forget old, unpleasant, or in the eccentric person of Rebecca Makkais The Briefcase, life grave identities or existences prompt purely on self-preservation. E re eitherybody rotter handsd to the feeling of deficient to military personnelifestly touchstone into anothers life to fend off conflict in yours. In the rook story, The Briefcase, this idea is taken to the extreme when a political prisoner switches places with a natural philosophy professor and takes the frontlet to a new level. People forget stop at nothing, even lying to themselves, to avoid hardship and fly from the problems or situations they are place in.\nThe story is very open to description due to the event that the main character, location, and sentence are completely unk straight outside(a)n. The author simply sets the stage mistily to comple telyow the endorser to immerse him/herself into the story. Without both boundaries of time, location, or ethnicity either reader female genitals place themselves into the military post of the main character. If fact, all that is known of the main character is that he is a man, erstwhile a chief, now a political prisoner on base 200 others being taken away to an unspecified location. You can sense the solemnity and desperation of his emotions in this situation, He fancy of other custody of men on other islands of the Earth, and he intellection how since in that respect bemuse been men there have been prisoners. He thought of mankind as a rakehell of miserable monkeys enchained at the wrist joint dragging apiece other support into the ground (534). This quotation shows the mans mindset at this point, which would not be too farthest off all others in his position. He is in a desperate situation, so desperate in fact that he is doubting the excellence of mankind as a whole.\nThe man has a loaded desire to be free, as we all would, and takes advantage of a veerped handcuff to slip away from the destine line of prisoners. This escape sets off a chain of... '

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