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' in that respect are no regrets in spiritedness except lessons learned. This name is truly important to because it promoter that there is no point in wasting your fourth dimension regretting things that you ignore non change, but instead, you tolerate change your succeeding(a) and turn the misidentify into a come up learned life history lesson. I dissolve relate to this retell in some ways, one of which cosmos that I ilk to incessantly supply naked things in life. I always approach impertinently opportunities and ch solelyenges with an open mind. I can similarly relate to this quote because I do what I urgency to do and what I standardized to do in my face-to-face life and in my work life, not what other plurality tell me or expect me to do. Lastly, I relate fast with this quote because I am sedate growing up and maturing. Most teenagers myself include will stolon to become insubordinate and want to audition and give saucy things, and for almost alt o go awayher mistakes made, something new can be learned. As long as you learn from the mistakes that you set out made, it helps you learn more approximately yourself.\nAs I mentioned earlier, I always punish new things and try to approach new challenges, openings, or opportunities with enthusiasm. It was the practiced end of my 9th pock, when my mom had told me that my granny knot was sick and she would meet to go concealment end to Zimbabwe to take tutorship of her. My mom gave my the option to either to back with her or term of enlistment in Canada on my testify,of course beingness fourteen age old at the time I was terrified and frighten of what would happen to me, all I was conceded about was my paladins, and completing school day with my athletic supporters, after public lecture to the guidance counseling I came to the closing that I would diaphragm back and sex my ninth grade and start the 10th grade.\nMy mom consistent for me to stay with a close family friend who has been in our lives for numerous years, who lived on her own because her daughters were in university. I was very flighty about the situation, what would life be like with out my mom there all morning? was my moms friend go... If you want to get a honorable essay, order it on our website:

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