The Evolution of Technology

The rapid evolution of technologies has widely influenced the diversity of cities and the living patterns among people. In the staffs provided, the cut across directors make up a number of very in-chief(postnominal) and intriguing key points on the whole which provide vital selective information distinguishing the relationship amid applied science and urbanization. One of the most key point highlighted in module hotshot requires us to premiere understand the idea of metaphysical posts. Technological Determinism, SCOT, Utopianism and dystopianism. The way we hold in our society and cities in the beat and in the future is found on these four perspectives. Our perspective can be matchless which agrees that technology is what directly determines urban changes or one that says it is sociable actions that shapes technology. A nonher could be a perspective that shows us that all technological progress is a remedy for previous problems in the city or could be a perspectiv e that is only capitalistic.\nThe perspective that my mind finds to be viable tends to be Dystopian in nature. I strengthenedly see heart to eye with Lewis on the fact that gold is the centre of all technological innovation and progress. When describing cities, Lewis clearly states that the one thing that is common between all cities is that they all apportion in abundant stinting activity. Our urban cities in the medieval and present have shown traits that endure us to see that the rationalness most technological changes light upon place is for companies and corporations to earn profit. calling activities are the driving wedge to expansion, for it is only money that allows us to exploit resources, create rising technologies and improve existing ones.\nthroughout history, society has shown traits of Dystopianism. The urbanization of wedlock America is seen as occurring not through any affable or political factors in play but or else due to a strong business minded ge t along that led to the safe using of the newly discovered land.... If you compliments to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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