Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman

Repent, Harlequin! tell the Ticktockman, by Harlan Ellison, takes place in a futuristic setting. In this time, the people are squeeze by a earn schedule they must adjust to, and for every small unmatchable is late, he/she loses a minute of life. The ruler of this era is cognize as the Ticktockman. He is the nonpareil who overlooks and governs this world with an iron fist. The protagonist, the Harlequin, is oneness who is very petulant. He ceaselessly breaks the rules of the master schedule and eludes the Ticktockman. The Ticktockman attempts to set up the Harlequin repent for disobeying law, act to conform him to his commands. Harlan Ellison illustrates how conformism ultimately shoots to the death of individuality through and through memorial tablet, characterization, allusions, and diction.\nOrganization mimics individuality while contrasting to the master schedule. The organization is juxtaposed with the Ticktockman. The Ticktockman is all astir(predicate) main(pr enominal)tain a proper(postnominal) order and schedule. The Ticktockmans get name draw and quarters the sound a clock makes. This further helps to describe how orderly he is and how he wants everyone else to be, like clockwork. The reader is to a fault told at the bloodline rough the order of the story when it is stated, promptly begin in the middle, and later on learn the beginning; the reverse will take rush of itself. This targets the desire of the Ticktockman to control a certain order. Also, by beginning in the middle, the reader is lead to question who the Harlequin truly is because there is less study about him, yet he is still illustrated as an individual. By having multiple digressions, the story is unionized similar to a poem. public lecture about events occurring in incompatible parts in the city in correlation to the main event, visualizes the similarities to a poem. Even though these digressions seem to be rancid topic, their purpose later becomes evident . When Mr. Delahanty runs past to try to avoid the Ticktockman, we founder th...

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