Poli Sci 101

1.  According to the text, what is the biggest attracting of service in relative?  Power is the biggest attracting of helping in Congress. scalawag 382. 2.  How many representatives be there in the theater of Representatives?435 members of the admit  in the Senate?  100 Members of Senate rapscallion 383 3.  What are the functions of a legislator? Public insurance policy making, representing constituents  rascal 381 4.  What is casework and why is it so all- of the essence(p)(a)? Case work is helping constituents as individuals; new through with(predicate) with(predicate) some bureaucratic red tape to go by people what they think they have a right to amaze. It is important because if you get constituents what they requirement then you have a reverberate downstairs chance to get reelected. This always wins friends and al approximately never makes enemies. Page 389 5.  What is legislative oversight? Congresss monitoring of the bureaucracy and its administrations of policy, performed mainly through hearings. Page cd How does Congress carry through this function? Oversight is handled through hearings. Oversight is one of the checks Congress can exercise on the executive branch. Page 400 6.  wherefore is entrance requital to members of Congress so important to PACs? Because they seek access to policy makers. So they give most of their money to incumbents who are believably to win.
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PACS want to keep lines of communication open and realise a receptive atmosphere in which to be heard. Page 391 7.  What is the House Rules Committee and why is it so important? An world uncommon to the House of Representatives that review s all bills (except revenue, budget, and app! ropriations bills) feeler from a House committee before they go to the good House. This committee reviews most bills coming from a House committee before they go to the full House. This committee plays a key role in schedule setting. Page 394 8. What is a filibuster?  A strategy unique(p) to the Senate whereby opponents of a piece of legislation try to remonstrate it to death. Page 395 9.  What role does the Speaker of the House serve?...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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