Writting And Speaking

discourseing Manners

Normally we speak continental Accent
Continental underline is a one of approved accent in the world.


3-Do not be monotone.

4-Audible volume level.

5-Speak quietly/clearly.

6-Speed vs. Fluency.
Speaking speed maximum 120 linguistic process per minute

7-Speak naturally .

8-Be positive/ be professional.

9-Speak communicative English.

10-Use fragmentary English.

11- Do not plenty to your answer respond to your question first.

12-Show variety in your language.
WordsvoiceStyle and Structure
LikingA/P or P/V
Fond of1/3 intake p/v sentence

13- Be energetic.

14-Use Appositives.
If you use each cultural word, let define the word

15-Use Inversion.

16-Avoid deceased air.

17-Use Fillers.

18-Use Linkers and conjunctions.

19-Do not be excited.

20- learn your listener, keep him engaged.

21-Use alliteration.

22-Use transition, signposts, signal words, linkers.


What is matter with him.
a) What is take in him?
b) What is got into him?
c) What is bugging him?
d) What is up with him?
To work hard.
a) To slog your guts out.
b) To grind
c) To graft
d) To flog yourself death
In a difficult situation.

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a) In a fix
b) In a spot
c) In a hole
d) Up against it
e) Up to ones neck
Off the hook.
a) in the clear
b) out of the woods
Difficult situation.
a) sticky
b) tricky
c) what a drag
d) what a pain
e) whats itching you
When your health is getting better.
a) I am improving.
b) I am getting better.
c) I am getting back on my feet
d) I am bouncing back
e) I an on the road to recovering
f) Things are looking up
g) I am better now
Expressing fright.
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