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The education system is one of the most influential institutions in our society, as it breeds children knowledge and skills from a very young while (4-5) all the way to young adulthood (16-18), through adapt lessons or through the hidden curriculum. Education is said to provide a capitalist society with a perfect hands by ensuring, for example, working variety student do working class jobs. For the Marxist, education is seen as an important part of the superstructure of society. It is believed to divine service the needs of the economic base; this base shapes the superstructure, while the superstructure maintains the base. It is believed by Marx that education performs two main functions in a capitalist society.

Althusser believes that the education system is an ISA - it performs two functions which are; it reproduces class contrariety by transmitting it from generation to generation by fulfilling for each one success five generation of working class battalion in return. too, education legitimizes class dissimilitude by producing ideologies that entomb its true cause. The function of ideology is to persuade to pack that inequality is inevitable and that they deserve their subordinate position in society. If they accept these ideas, they are less likely to challenge or jeopardise capitalism.

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This will allow class differences to still exist.
Marxists argue that teaching reproduces the class structure by failing working class people so that they take working class jobs. Also Bordieu argues that educational success is largely based on self-command of cultural capital, thus giving middle class children an emolument over the working class children.
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