The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock

The epigraph at the beginning of The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock refers to lines interpreted from Dantes Inferno. The words are spoken by the font of Count Guido da Montefellro, a soul being punished in the Eighth chasm of sanatorium for the attempt to buy remittance in advance of committing a crime. Guido explains that he is speaking freely to Dante only because he believes Dante to be one of the dead who could never return to earth to repeat what is said to him. Roughly translated, the epigraph intend that if the speaker knew his words had a chance of leaving Hell, then he would not have told his story.

Like Dantes character, Prufrock is in a self-pitying Hell of his own insecure feelings. Prufrock feels unworthy of the love he so desperately wants. He pours out all of his self-doubting reflections in this metrical composition because he assumes the reader will never be adequate to repeat them, yet he wants the comfort of having told someone. He needfully to confess his fears and doubts to someone who he believes will never tell.

He whitethorn also feel that we, the readers, are also trapped in the same Hell as he is and tidy sum accordingly sympathize with his lack of self-confidence.

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Prufrocks helpless and inferior view of his softness to change his situation conveys the torture he feels through his inaction. He may well feel that his powerlessness to act can be empathized with. Prufrock understands his helplessness and dissatisfaction with his life scarce does not see to be able to deal with it. His examination of his own self-image causes his distortion of reality, making him afraid of confrontation as he retreats into unsatisfying, but dependable daydreams. Like Dantes character, Prufrock can not seem to pull out his Hell,

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