The Legalization Of Marijuana

The Legalization Of marijuana

The topic of cannabis legalization has been a unrecorded topic for many years. in that respect argon negative and irresponsible arguments for both sides. I believe that the legalization of Marijuana would be a ample benefit for out country and the world. However, in the type of world we live in, it is very hard to order the truth from the lies. One person admits to lying about cannabis for a public-health campaign(C).There are many positive aspects of Marijuana, that of which have been proven. There are many legal drugs that you can purchase are more harmful then marijuana. My opinions on the legalization of marijuana are based on a number of factors.

Which brings up the questions, why not legalize marijuana as medical drug? Which is proven to be less dangerous than great(p) painkillers and morphine. It is possible to overdose on painkillers and morphine, while with Marijuana it is a fact that there has never been a proven graphic symbol of a death because someone had overdosed on marijuana(B). It is well cognise that painkillers and morphine contain Dopamine, a chemical which makes you believe you withdraw that drug. Marijuana does not contain this chemical, hence, it is not addictive.

Marijuana can in any case be utilize for medical purposes. Marijuana could be used as a medical benefit for patients who have cancer.

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It overly helps patients with AIDS by giving the patient a sense datum to eat(A). Marijuana can also help symptoms from getting worsened with patients with glaucoma. It is also known that Marijuana could be a great substitute for painkillers. Even scientists like Timothy Leary, Carl Segan, Sigmund Freud, Richard Feynman, Stephen Jay Gould, Andrew Weil and Kary Mullis credited Marijuana partly for their success(D).

Marijuana should be used because it is a safe utility(a) from more...

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