The Glass Menegerie

I believe that the fire escape in this story is the musical mode out for all the characters. The scarce thing crowd out trifle these people into the real globe. You could even say is separates them from the real world. When they ar in the post, they are living on a various world. The story is all about people who can non enter the real world. The are so involved in a dream that they are living in they can not decipher truth from the lies.

Tom is brain serve he thinks that in that respect is adventure in the world want in the movies. He goes to the movies hoping that one day that he could be one of the movie stars. He desired adventure so much that he was blinded by the absurdity near him. All he wanted to do is run waste those stairs and search for the ultimate adventure that doesnt exist. He is the only person in this book that eventually does face reality. He felt guilt about leaving his sister, but it was meant to be.

Amanda is the attractor of these illusions. She has filled their minds with dreams of another time. She is stuck in the 1940s; it is as if time is wretched around the house. Her goal in this book is to get Laura, her daughter, to wear a husband. She inhabits that she isnt going to be there forever and she wants there to be psyche to take care of her. She is trying to disturb Laura down the stairs but she knows that there has to be someone there to help her.

Laura, who has so kind of disease, is living her intent through a set of glass ornaments. Life for her could not get any worse. Her commence tried to enroll her in Business School but she ended up quitting aft(prenominal) the first few days. Therefore, she wandered around in the cold until she got sick. Her mother eventually found out and Laura was in trouble.

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She was in manage with someone, and ended up having dinner with the man. The man, who ended up universe engaged, was a disaster. The whole family was dreaming that maybe-just maybe that this man could turn over been Lauras husband. Of course, this was not to be because this is the dream world.

Tom left the house eventually. He left to purse his adventure in the merchandiser Marines. He left his sister with his mother. He would never stuff that, and always have guilt about leaving her. We dont know if Laura ever walked down those stairs, we can only hope that someday she does. Finally Amanda, she is and will always be an enigma to the world down the fire escape.

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