Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

How does the Rachel Carson use language to convey throws and contrasts in mood and meat in Silent Spring? The mood in the extracts from Rachel Carson?s Silent Spring changes continually from beginning to end. The first divide has an almost fairy-tale feeling to it - the tone is pleasant and calm and the opening, ?thither was once a town?? is sort of similar to that you?d find in a child?s fib book. The chapter title, ?A Fable for Tomorrow? also reinforces this story-like sentiment. This is supported by the dreamy imagery Carson uses; she talks of mists and snow, and describes the spring blooms as ? vacuous clouds?. Carson describes various natural elements of this town, rather than it?s architecture or it?s inhabitants, and does so using long, flowing sentences echoing the soft, undulating landscapes she is lecture about. Even the nomenclature she uses argon generally soft-sounding, which reflect this harmonised tone.

However, in the second paragraph, the tone changes quite dramatically. The first intimacy I noticed was that the sentences are much shorter and the voice communication are much blunter and have a sharper sound, e.g. sickness, stricken - creating quite an angry temperament. When looking to a greater extent closely at the words Carson used, I recognise that more than once she used words to depict puzzlement and uncertainty.

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For example, she described the disease affecting the farm animal as mysterious, and wrote that deaths were ?sudden and unexplained??, leaving the townspeople ? confuse and disturbed.? These descriptions, coupled with the original term, ?Some evil spell?? change the tone from gentle, to bitter and unpleasant whilst reflecting the story-like qualities from the first paragraph. The unexplainable medical prognosis described also creates a sense of vulnerability, but impacts more on the people living in the town, who weren?t discussed in the first paragraph. Carson does also explain, quite...

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