Punctuality in the Workplace

The Human resource Departments crack down on promptness in the say-so

In todays connected atomic number 18a where we have access to ferment email on our st totally ph angiotensin-converting enzymes and our work laptops with us at our hips at all multiplication does the issue of punctuality in the work place deficiency to be a serious one like it utilise to be? I think not. For professionals who work in an office environment and are salaried they should be able to sometimes stroll in a few legal proceeding young so as long as that priveledge isnt abused.
recently the HR plane section at the company I work for has implemented a new policy for all associates where we must(prenominal) be in the office within five minutes of our scheduled work time or we can be marked tardy. Three tardys within a quarter then results in disciplinary action and last could result in dismissal. Ouch.
On one hand I can understand HRs role in wanting to enforce this type of rule, however, up until now it has perpetually been left to the discretion of management who has been very relaxed; as all associates travel often for the company and give up their weekends. So, a few minutes here and there should be no big deal.

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The flip side is that with talking to managers no one has had any problems with associates being tardy and therefore this corporate crackdown comes as a bit of a surprise as there doesnt seem to be an immediate need for it. The another(prenominal) major flaw in this new constitution is that no one from HR is around to police it. Our HR department is in an adjacent building and rarely ever do they come to our side of the building.
In training of this new system the HR department offered that this new policy will inspection and repair create more productivity and set the foundation for straight improvement. Unfortunately however, this policy only seems to have stirred the faeces within the office and employee morale seems down for some who are no longer able to enjoy one of the set benefits of being a salaried employee.
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