personal interest topic: hypertension

Hypertension or high simple eye twitch is defined as a repeatedly elevated blood pressure especial(a) 140/90 mmHg (www.focusonhighbloodpressure.com). This definition refers to a systolic pressure supra 140 with a diastolic pressure above 90. Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood flowing through with(predicate) your blood vessels against the vessel walls. It depends on your blood flow (how more than blood is pumped by your heart) and the resistance of your blood vessels to blood flow. If this pressure is high, your heart must work much harder to observe adequate blood flow to your body (www.lifeclinic.com). Hypertension is cognise as the silent killer because it does non cause symptoms unless it is ill high. High blood pressure can damage your arteries, heart, eyesight, and kidneys (www.webmd.com).

I sacrifice chosen hypertension as my personal interest guinea pig because I was recently diagnosed with this disease. On Labor Day 2002, I was rushed to St. John Hospital emergency room later on cutting my thumb while preparing food. I received some(prenominal) stitches and my thumb has issuely healed. However, while in the emergency room, as routine medical protocol, my vital signs were income tax returnn and I was rear to have an extremely high blood pressure reading. I felt fine. I was not upset about my thumb. I tend to remain calm in emergencies. Had I not cut my thumb, I may not have discover my illness until it was too late. I simply could not deliberate my blood pressure was 180/120.

This diagnosis has caused a complete change in my lifestyle. I have changed my diet and take medication to reduce my blood pressure.

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I have begun to attach my activities. I am working on reducing accentuate in hopes of lowering my blood pressure even more.

With my forward-looking lifestyle changes and prayer, I plan on living to a...


I found your essay to be too consice. I harmonize with smita285 that you could have expanded on your emotions. Also, I did not comment the essay informatiave. I am in Grade 11, and I am already aware, to a greater detail, on hypertension.

all told in all, a good effort, but not an surpassing essay.


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