Math in medical specialty? Who would have guessed? Math has always been regarded as an uninte simplicitying subject containing only numbers and equations. Music, at the similar time, is seen only as a simple combination of sounds propel to overprotecther. Music is a combination of sounds but math is what takes those childlike sounds and structures them into music. Rules must be followed to create in all the different types of music. all told of these rules are founded on mathematics. Mathematics is the foundation for the stratification of the music theory.

Mathematics structures music from its smallest part to its most complicated segment. Notes are considered the smallest particle of music. In The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music, a note is delineate as a written sign representing the pitch and age of a single musical sound (Scholes 411). At the sec I will concentrate only on the while of the sound. The duration of a note depends on the shape of that busy note (Kerr, Taylor 645). An illustration of the following notes will be given up in the appendix: whole-note, half-note, quarter-note, eighth-note, sixteenth-note, thirty-second note, sixty-fourth note, and one-hundred twenty-eighth note. Out of all of these notes six of them are frequently seen in the music of today. apiece note has a corresponding rest. A rest is a note of silence in the music.

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It is the time when thither is no sound (Rests 538).

Whole-notes, or semibreves, are the first types of notes use in modern music. Whole-notes look simply like a hollow oval. The whole-note is worth four beats in the

4/4 time sense of touch, which is the most commonly used time signature in music (Scholes xiii). The definition of a beat is a pulsation (Kerr, Taylor 560). Time signatures will be more thoroughly explain later in this essay. Whole-notes are know...

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