Illegal Immigration

Fleta Jones        
Janet Joslin
Communications I
March 26, 2011
Illegal Immigration
                Millions of men and women immigrate leg eithery to the United States each year in search of political freedom and the opportunity to confine a better life. Without in-migration the United States would not be what it is today, a melting wad of cultures mashed together. Most of us would not even be here. concord the US Immigration Support, The United States did not always fork up to worry about misappropriated immigration. It wasnt until after the elegant war ended that the United States introduced immigration policies. These policies were set forrad to keep criminals and prostitutes out of our country. These immigration laws were set up for a reason. When the foreigners enter our county illegally they jeopardize our communities and take advantage of broadcasts meant for American citizens. Illegal immigrants are having a negative effect on our society.
                As it is, jobs are very(prenominal) scarce in America. It makes it very difficult for Americans to get jobs when illegal aliens are willing to do the same work as we are for less digest. To make things worse, P.F.

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Wagner acknowledges that Employers pay illegal aliens in cash off the books avoiding all taxes which makes the illegal alien worker have little or no income qualifying them for welfare benefits(XV). So basically those of us who are able to find legitimate work and pay taxes, are taking care of illegal aliens who are operative under the table. Michael D. Antonovich of the Board of Supervisors in the county of Los Angeles claims that $569,160,210 went to illegal immigrants for food stamps and the CalWORKS program in 2009. That is a substantial amount of money employ to support illegal immigrants. Imagine how many other states are giving out food stamps and other welfare to illegal immigrants.
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