Human Compassion

kindness is one of mans most fragile and complicated emotions. Compassion itself consists of a variety of other components including those of sympathy, empathy, and in general, sensitivity towards our buster human beings. Our level of compassion is influenced constantly due to our conscience. This in turn produces the varying degrees of compassion we see within on the whole(a) human beings. Before making any rash decisions, we extremity to Put ourselves in someone elses shoes so to speak, and call up the effect our decision would have on others that will be involved for years to come. The degree of compassion we have influences the centering in which we regard others. To what extent should human compassion be taken into consideration when deciding the course of action to be taken in relation to the events surrounding recent tragedies.

The first-class honours degree horrific terrorist set upon was scheduled to fall on untested York City on Tuesday September 11 around 9:30am. Two large aircrafts, carrying passengers, were hijacked and flown into both towers of the World Trade Center. The wipeout toll is still unknown, however, it is expected to exceed 5,000. The second aircraft attack was made on the pentagon, the only determined fare of casualties, atomic number 18 those of the passengers on the plane.

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The world as we once knew it, changed drastically in a matter of minutes once planes were hijacked that fateful morning. The final plane came hurtling towards the ground in Pennsylvania killing all of those that were in the plane. Before the plane crashing, via cellular telephones, many of the passengers had comprehend that the tragic events in New York had occurred. In realizing this they displayed an astonishing amount of compassion when they made the heart wrenching decision to ritual killing their own lives in exchange for the lives that world be...

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