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Fast food seems like a culture disposition that will never pull old, but only shit better. The food is, of course, served immobile and TASTY, which makes it so popular. These restaurants bring in the highest enumerate of m whizzy from the nations salary. The majority of consumers appear to non really cargon about their wellness as they argon enjoying this delicious food. But should we be more concerned? Do we know the amount of fat, calories, additives, etc. we are putting into our bodies from one hamburger or a small order of heat up? Are these chains causing obesity around the world, specially in the United States? I have taken the cartridge holder to research these facts, and the results may or may not be surprising, but will they keep people from spending their currency to eat? I think not!
Lets start with rivals Mickey Ds and Burger King, the worlds most popular fast food chains. Their menu items are very homogeneous, but the flavors are so distinct. Lets take the best side item, for example, French fries.MMM! Anyway, a small McDonalds fries has 13g total fat and, of the unhealthiest, 2.5g of saturated. A small order of BKs fries, same amount of total fat, but instead, 3g of saturated. As we see, there is really not that much difference in the fat facts of their fries.

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Now, well compare devil similar menu items, the bear-sized N Tasty® and the walloper®. These items have the same ingredients, but how do those facts look? The Big N Tasty® contains 24g of total fat and 8g of saturated fat. The whopper® contains 22g of total fat and 9g of saturated fat. According to this, it looks like the walloper® is fitter than the Big N Tasty®. Is it possible that these fast food chains purposely make some similar items healthier than the others as a contest? Do they take the time to think about the health of consumers BEFORE complaints start rolling in? Shall we look at one more menu item, maybe one that is considered healthier? How about the grilled chicken sandwiches-McDonalds Premium...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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